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eXp Realty KVcore

eXp Realty’s KvCore: Benefits and Overview

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eXp Realty’s KvCore: Benefits and Overview

eXp Realty KVcore

If you’ve been a real estate agent for a long time, the chances are that you’ve heard of kvCORE, also known as Kunversion. This platform is a real estate website and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) System that makes it easier for top real estate agents to market and communicate with their clients effectively. 


Suppose you plan to join eXp Realty and are wondering about the opportunities that may be available for you regarding KvCore. In that case, this article will cover that part and explain all the platform’s offerings.


Let’s begin!

What is KvCore?

As previously stated, KvCore is a platform dedicated to making a real estate agent’s job easier by providing them with the necessary tool to ensure they market their business and follow up with their clients effectively. 


This invaluable platform comes in two different forms: KvCore and K+ Team and are meant to serve you based on an individual agent, team, or brokerage. KvCore is explicitly designed for brokerages and their agents – like eXp Realty. On the other hand, K+ is a more flexible version built for a small team of 2 – 5 agents or a single, high-performing agent. 


Currently, there are over 190,000 professional real estate agents who pay to use KvCore in their business. It is undoubtedly one of the leading Customer Relationship Manager systems in the United States for full-time and part-time real estate agents. 


As expected of a Customer Relationship Manager tool, the kvCore system comes with two parts: the front-end website (the interface that the customer sees) and the back-end CRM tool specifically for the agent.

Benefits of kvCore


Before thoroughly breaking down all the facets of kvCore, it’s essential to outline the benefits first to ensure you have a clear picture of why this platform is worth your while. Some of these benefits include:


Speed of Launch

Naturally, establishing an online presence as a real estate agent may take a month or more to complete. After the website’s development, it may also take several days or weeks to execute your marketing campaign and start seeing some leads. 


However, with kvCore, you can create a website within an unbelievably short time (less than a week) and get it running immediately. Additionally, you can launch your marketing campaign shortly afterward and start seeing low-quality leads within seven days of the launch. 


This benefit makes kvCore one of the best options in the world for new real estate agents who want to take advantage of an opportunity quickly and with little stress. 

Training Videos and Resources

While building a custom website or opting for other real estate platforms may offer some advantages, the possibility of them surpassing kvCore in terms of benefits is slim. One of the excellent offerings that make this website a must-have is its training resources, which help agents become professionals very quickly. 


After activating your website, you’ll be greeted with ten video tutorials that first explain how to use the system effectively. You may also pay for more training or choose to learn on your own as you go.

Availability of transaction Tools

KvCore comes equipped with its built-in transaction tools such as Dotloop, SkySlope, and Broker mint, which work to ensure that you launch your business immediately after activating your website.


Another benefit of these tools is that after a transaction has been made, you’ll be able to trace the money’s origin. In other words, you can identify what your customers prefer and determine if your marketing strategy is effective. 


It’s also worth noting that these tools will also provide insight into your transactions, how they are funded, plus their initial location. Therefore, you’ll be able to update clients, the lender, and much more automatically. This system is one of the few Perks that gives kvCore a market advantage. 

Business Analytics

While analytics isn’t a feature specific to only KvCore, it’s still an advantage worth mentioning. This feature provides you with all the relevant advantages needed to run your business effectively. These include your customer interest, agent performance, active leads, complete contact, source performance, sphere, and many more.


These factors enable you to see all your real estate business systems from a manager’s perspective and adjust your processes to rectify problems or improve strategies. Note that this page loads slowly on the platform; nevertheless, it delivers as promised. 

Lead Engine

A successful real estate business needs to generate leads through any legal means necessary. KvCore’s lead generation presents landing pages and IDX Squeezing pages, which are both web pages where visitors, who have the potential of becoming valuable leads, are promoted to register with their email address, Google account, or Facebook account. 


If they choose not to register, KvCore’s algorithm will prevent them from seeing more than one listing; therefore, they’ll be forced to include their contact details to view the listing. The beautiful thing about this feature is that it filters out the real customer as only serious individuals will bother inserting their information. 


It’s worth noting that this feature is easier to use than the ones offered by competitors, making it worthwhile opting for both new and expert real estate agents. 

Using kvCore via eXp Realty

The benefits listed above prove that kvCORE is a fantastic resource and tool for real estate agents as its offerings are bound to double your number of transactions annually. It’s important to note that using kvCore as an eXp agent allows you to use the platform with zero cost. This fact saves you thousands of dollars in additional cost, providing you with more money. 


On the other hand, agents that proceed to use the platform without eXp Realty’s assistance will pay more than $5000 annually. For this reason, it’s recommended to use eXp Realty as the brokerage also provides additional benefits that make being a real estate agent an enjoyable career choice. 

KvCore Features: Front-end and Back-end websites

As previously stated, the kvCore system comes with two parts: the front-end website (the interface that the customer sees) and the back-end CRM tool specifically for the agent.



The remaining part of this overview will be dedicated to analyzing both sides of the platform and revealing its invaluable features. 

KvCore Front-end Website

If you’re familiar with the vocabularies in essential web development, you’ll know that every website has a front-end. kvCore’s front-end provides the agent with a web page to show the customers, displaying all their listing and offering in the process. 


This customer-facing web page comes with some extra features, and these include:

  • Social Media Links

You get the liberty of inserting any link from a social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also connect your real estate web page to your Facebook messenger, thereby giving users the liberty to chat with you directly from your website. 

  • Customization

It’s worth noting that the website you get from kvCore is very customizable, like a typical website. This flexibility gives you the liberty to explore different branding styles and appeal to your audience in your way.


Here are some of the things that are available for customization:


  • About Section
  • Headshot
  • Areas You Cover
  • Tagline
  • Social Media Links
  • Blog Posts
  • Background image
  • Testimonials 


  • Internet Data Exchange Search

One impressive feature of a kvCORE website is users’ ability to search all the properties in your inventory in real-time. This unique connection to your listing is called an Internet Data Exchange (IDX). 


Websites with an IDX aren’t a new phenomenon in real estate; however, each IDX offers separate benefits and displays properties differently, and kvCORE’s IDX is exceptional. It enables users to search your listing for properties using zip codes, city, address, neighbourhood, schools, county, etc. 


Note that when a visitor interacts with a property on your website, kvCore’s algorithm will present similar properties to the individual based on similar characteristics and other people’s interests. The platform is fundamentally wired to make you successful. 

  • Blog

In order to boost your reputation as a professional in the field of real estate, kvCore presents agents with the ability to blog about their profession and provide insightful content to raise their relevance. 


Agents can create a blog, post it on their website, and grow their business organically via SEO. You may drop tips on what to find when buying a property or talk about the new restaurant that just opened. 

  • Testimonials

The front-end has a section dedicated to the comments and testimonials of people who previously patronized your services. Although you will have to customize this section from the back end, it’s an excellent way for agents to build their credibility. You can also copy comments from social media platforms like Facebook, Zillow, or onto your site. 

kvCORE Back-end

kvCore’s back-end offers many customization options and features such as bulk texting and emailing and lets you see where your visitors spend more and less time. It’s also an exceptional automation tool and gives its users the freedom to create high-converting buyers and landing pages that sell. 


Below are some of the features of kvCore’s back-end:

  • Seller and Buyer Landing Pages

For people who wish to sell their homes, kvCore allows you to give sellers the ability to quickly and efficiently evaluate their homes and find their value. The platform does this by presenting similar sales, historical sales, and current listings, enabling them to estimate the home’s value. 


As for the buyer’s landing page, kvCORE lets you make one with videos, individual listings, and more. The idea is to capture the attention of your audience and compel them to buy from you. 

  • Automated Calls

veteran real estate agents know that waiting longer than 10 minutes to respond to a new lead inquiry will drop your conversion rates significantly. Fortunately, you can avoid this fate by instructing kvCORE to automatically call your mobile phone whenever you get a new lead. 


Therefore, you can instantly call the lead back, proceed to answer their questions, and increase your conversion rates. 

  • kvCORE Dashboard

Agents get the luxury of having a dashboard to monitor activities that occur on the website. Upon logging in as the administrator, your Dashboard will reveal the calls and tasks that need to be performed that day, as well as upcoming kvCore training, announcements, and more. 

  • KvCore Marketing Autopilot

KvCore’s Marketing Autopilot is an email and text autoresponder that operates based on a client’s activity on your website. If they interact with your site again after several days of their initial visit, kvCore will automatically send the visitor a text message to begin a conversation. 


Some triggers that may prompt an automatic message may be them visiting five times in the last week, viewing ten properties in the previous week, considering the same property three-time, and many more. 

  • Marketplace

The Marketplace is an add-on that’s bought for lead generation or additional marketing and branding. It’s most useful when you don’t have the time to perform paid advertising or don’t know how to do it. 

  • Transactions

KvCore presents a section called “Transactions”, where all your transactional data is stored for every property sold/bought. With this feature, you can see information like address, client, closing date, task list, commission, and more. 


If your broker chooses to use a different platform for transactions, the information won’t appear on your kvCore website. 

  • Business Analytics

Business Analytics is essential to making a profitable business and website. It shows you a graphical and numerical representation of your business, enabling you to measure its performance and make crucial changes.


KvCore provides this feature with a pipeline view that starts with total contacts and proceeds to closed deals. You can also assess your business’s performance through kvCore activity, which shows how much of your business is controlled by you and the platform’s automation.

Final Thoughts

In the end, kvCORE is an excellent option for both expert and new real estate agents as it provides many tools that are designed to help your business grow and reach its full potential in a short time. 


Understanding and using this platform is hassle-free, as kvCore presents training and tutorials on how to navigate the platform and succeed as a real estate agent. If you find the annual cost of running a kvCore account on your own, you can consider partnering with eXp Realty, where they take the burden from your shoulders.


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If you wish to take your real estate career to the next level with kvCore, this brief overview will provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

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