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If you haven’t heard by now eXp Realty is the fastest growing agent-owned real estate brokerage in the US. And its ALL Cloud-Based thanks to the forward thinking and innovative founders.

The cloud office is open 11 hours a day from Monday-Friday. They offer a wide variety of weekly live training videos and tips from successful agents. On top of that the income opportunities are immense. eXp offers some of the most competitive splits and fees in the industry, company stock awards, a powerful wholesale/investment property platform, and a unique residual income builder called the revenue share program.

In case you are still skeptical, eXp agents also receive free websites and CRM systems from kvCORE, free marketing design templates, free business cards, free buyer/seller presentations and more. You also have the opportunity to earn your yearly cap back in the form of company stock with the ICON agent program.

Free Marketing Materials

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At eXp you are given access to a wide variety of marketing materials through the eXp Marketing Center. They provide pre-dessigned templates for you to include your information on.

kvCore Websites & CRM

This intuitive lead generation platform is in all-in one solution optimized as a user-friendly website with responsive designs and a powerful backend CRM database. Agents can feel confident about capturing leads whether they come from online face-to-face marketing efforts.

The homepage features a call to action search bar that syncs up with your local MLS system to create a “Zillow-like” search tool. Users have the added benefit of creating an account that allows them to save properties to their dashboard and receive alerts for properties matching a certain criteria. A useful tool also allows the eXp Realty agent to see all the properties they are browsing, saving, and researching.

The backend CRM gives agents the ability to manage large lead databases and schedule follow ups to maintain constant contact. Some other useful tools include email capture landing pages for direct traffic, texting from inside the system, email drip campaigns. And much more!

50+ Hours Per Week of Live Training Sessions

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Every week, experienced real estate professionals host a variety of training courses accessible anywhere you have an internet connection to the cloud campus. Being relatively new to the industry when I started, this feature was a big selling point for me. You can literally become an expert on a topic within a few weeks. Training topics include everything from contract best practices and lead generation to video editing and blogging.

These training sessions are taught by in-house ICON agents from all over the US that have hit a certain production requirement. Training by these experts gives you quality continued education to set you up for success.

eXp Realty Support Staff

With over 500 US and Canada based support staff, agents have access to a dedicated administrative and customer service cloud based office 11 hours a day. They can help in almost every area such as onboarding support, HR, accounting, tech support, transaction management, legal, team support and many more departments.

A huge benefit of eXp is that all agents have access to an enterprise dashboard that details stock earned, revenue share, cap and fees paid, in-process and transaction details. This is a great tool to gauge your progress and analyze data against your goals.

These training sessions are taught by in-house ICON agents from all over the US that have hit a certain production requirement. Training by these experts gives you quality continued education to set you up for success.

eXp Collaboration

Collaboration is a big part of an eXp agent’s success. Starting with Workplace by Facebook agents have the ability to help each other, answer questions, and share referrals.

This community has the regular facebook feel, except agents, leadership, and staff have access to the group. Within Workplace you can find different subgroups, directories and referral networks. For live in-person events, eXp offers EXPCON and the annual Shareholder’s Summit.

eXp Realty ExpressOffers

Exp Realty Express Offers

This first of it’s kind real estate platforms allows agents and brokers all across the US to bring wholesale sellers and investor buyers together in a seamless transaction based model. With this new program eXp looks to disrupt the cash sale and Ibuyer industry that is growing exponentially. eXp Agents are given the opportunity to earn a commission from the wholesale transaction in two different ways. First, they are compensated based on a set percentage when they represent a wholesale seller and the seller’s property sells on the platform. Secondly, they are compensated for when institutional investment buyers they introduced to the platform purchase a property. This presents a huge opportunity for former wholesalers who have a great number of contacts or realtors interested in building relationships and pursuing the real estate investing side of the business.

Revenue Sharing

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If you are the entrepreneurial type, and are looking to grow a real estate business, eXp can offer multiple income streams to help you reach your goals.

Aside from the wholesale platform and traditional real estate transactions, agents have the ability to earn a percentage of revenue from eXp realty’s split in Revenue Share. Because the company does not have the traditional overhead, brick and mortar offices, franchise owners, and slow clunky technology, eXp rewards agent’s for helping grow the company.

The revenue share is earned by sponsoring a new agent and is available across the US and Canada no matter the state or Province the agent is based out of.

Stock Awards

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Another powerful income stream comes in the form of company stock which can be earned in several different ways.

The first opportunity is eXp’s direct purchase plan. This optional program lets agents automatically deduct 5% of every gross commission check to purchase eXp Realty stock at a 20% discount to what the stock is currently being traded at.

Agents are also awarded free eXp shares for conducting business as they normally would. Stock is issued when an agent closes their first deal, hits the cap, or a sponsored agent closes their first deal. Stock earned in these categories will be vested for 3 years, meaning you must remain at the company for the following 36 months to have access to the funds.

The last way stock is awarded is through the ICON agent program. In this program the agent earns back the $16,000 in cap fees in the form of eXp stock when they hit another $5,000 in transaction fees after capping. For example and agent will cap after $16,000 or $80,000 in gross commissions in one year(eXp’s split is 20% = $16,000). After hitting the cap, the agent earns 100% commissions minus a $250 transaction fee. The agent would need ot close another 20 transactions in that calender year($250×20=$5000) to become eligible to receive the ICON status stock award. It’s generally possible for agent’s to become ICON with around 30-40 closed deals per year.

Fees and Commission Splits

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I may be biased at the time of writing this but I truly believe eXp Realty offers the best broker to agent value in the industry. When considering where to hang your real estate license, one of the main factors you should be considering is the company fees and commission splits.

This initial startup fee is $149 which includes setting up numerous platforms and 1,000 froo business cards. After the setup, there is a recurring $85 monthly fee that includes all your tech, education, and administrative costs. Considering all the value offered, this is extremely low to get started.

After you are up an running, the split is 80/20 with a $16,000 cap requirement. The split turns to 100% after the agent caps with a transactional fee of $250. After paying $5,000 in transaction fees, it is then reduced to $75 per transaction. There is also a $40 risk management fee that caps at $500/year and then lowered to $25 per transaction.

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