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clickfunnels for real estate agents

Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents – Best Funnel Practices To Grow Your Business

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Are you having trouble converting real estate leads? Why not try a tool that has been proven effective for agents all around the country for YEARS?

Real estate is often very competitive no matter the market you are in. Getting your brand and services in front of customers is a top priority, but much harder than it sounds. With all the new tools that seem to pop up weekly, Clickfunnels has stood the test of time. But is clickfunnels for real estate agents?


Sales Funnels in Real Estate

Clickfunnels, which already has an impressive reputation for attracting and converting leads for e-commerce, can become a powerful resource for fresh real estate leads. You may be thinking, Yeah but this tool is only for e-commerce companies can it work for realtors?


– Custom list Landing pages


The custom list landing page is one of our favorite funnels to date. All you need to do is figure out the average price and bed/bath of your area and you are set. From there you will create an ad on facebook, instagram, or google, and when a lead sees a curated list in their price range they will click!

For example: “Check out this curated list of 3 bed 2bath homes under $250,000 in Indianapolis!”

The landing page will ideally have IDX capability to link your page with your local MLS. When the lead is on the curated list landing page, clickfunnels goes to work leading them through offers and call-to-actions to procure their contact information.

– Single Home Buyer/Seller


Similar to the custom list, the single home landing page could be for a home you have under contract or that you are gathering buyer leads in the area. You will set it up like the custom list page but feature a single property with amazing images and content. This technique really works!

  1. Funnel Nurturing: Clickfunnels allows real estate agents to guide potential leads through high-converting funnels with ease with their intuitive landing pages, squeeze pages, offers and call-to-actions.
  2. Integrations: What makes Clickfunnels even more powerful is the ability to integrate a number of different third party apps

Ending Thoughts


If you were wondering about Clickfunnels for  real estate agents before, hopefully this article helped fill some gaps in information. We utilize Clickfunnels in our daily marketing efforts and also lean on the platform to recruit new agents. With the cheapest package starting at 97$/month it is not cheap, but certainly pays for itself in the end.

If you are interested in learning more about how clickfunnels can help realtors, click here.

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